About MGB Consulting

About Us

MGB Consulting is an accomplished and innovative international business consulting firm that provides personalized services and advice to multi-national companies. With over 30 years of experience, MGB Consulting has become a trusted name in the industry, helping businesses worldwide with their organizational, financial, and sales growth strategies.

The company’s founder, Ramin Mehrganpour, is an accomplished international business consultant and a skilled life coach who has been instrumental in the development of over 100 people in his career. His understanding of human behavior and people’s needs has helped numerous individuals achieve their personal and professional goals.

Personal Coaching & Professional Coaching – “Unleashing your full potential”
MGB Consulting offers personal coaching and professional coaching services that help individuals improve their personal and professional lives. Our coaching sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. Our aim is to help our clients unleash their full potential.

Executive Coaching & Counseling – “Developing strong leaders”
Our executive coaching and counseling services focus on developing strong leaders who can effectively manage and lead their teams. We understand human behavior and work closely with our clients to develop their leadership skills and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Sales Consulting – “Maximizing your sales potential”
MGB Consulting’s sales consulting services help businesses identify new markets and increase their sales by implementing innovative strategies. In order to effectively sell a product, it is important to have a deep understanding of the features, benefits, and limitations of the product. Therefore, a key part of their job is to thoroughly study the product. This involves researching the product’s specifications, its market position, its target audience, and any relevant industry trends.

Our team of experts develop a comprehensive understanding of the product, identify unique selling points, competitive advantages, and potential objections that customers may raise and works closely with clients to develop and implement successful sales strategies, maximizing their sales potential.

HR & Training – “Enhancing your workforce”
Our HR and training services help businesses develop their human resource management policies and train their staff to improve performance, productivity, and efficiency. We work closely with our clients to enhance their workforce by providing tailored HR and training solutions.

Financial Consulting – “Solving complex financial challenges”
MGB Consulting’s financial consulting services help businesses manage their finances effectively and develop strategies to increase profitability. Our team of financial experts provides innovative solutions to complex financial challenges.

Project Management – “Delivering projects on time and within budget”
Our project management services help businesses manage their projects effectively, ensuring that they are completed on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards. We provide end-to-end project management solutions that ensure successful delivery.

Successful Business Strategies – “Developing profitable global expansion strategies”
At MGB Consulting, we help businesses develop successful business strategies that align with their vision and objectives. Our expertise in international business consulting helps our clients to develop profitable global expansion strategies.

Trusted Innovative Advice – “Innovative solutions for complex business challenges”
Our team of experts provides trusted innovative advice that helps businesses to solve complex business challenges. We work closely with our clients to provide innovative solutions that drive growth and profitability.

Successful business strategies and trusted innovative advice are the hallmark of MGB Consulting’s services. The company helps businesses to develop profitable global expansion strategies that align with their vision and objectives. MGB Consulting’s expertise in the field of international business consulting is invaluable for businesses looking to expand their operations globally.