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Navigating the Future of Business with MGB Consulting

Strategic Planning
In this rapidly changing world a solid business strategy will give you the preparation you need to react quickly and thrive on change.
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Operations Consulting
The future of business and how we operate is changing quickly.
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Financial Consulting
Is your company experiencing financial difficulties, or are you merely looking to cross your t’s and dot your i’s?
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New Market Entry
Are you looking to expand? Do you need to grow revenue in creative and effective ways? We help you evaluate new opportunities.
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HR Consulting
We advise you in how to build a diverse and skilled team, guide you towards improving the overall satisfaction of your employees.
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ESG Compliance
MGB Consulting is an experienced adviser in all matters pertaining to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies and disclosures.
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Services at a glance

Our services provide assistance with a wide range of challenges from one-on-one coaching to in-depth consulting for your day-today operations. Here are some examples of the services MGB Consulting provides

Business planning
Negotiation strategy
Business negotiation and contract negotiation
Market research
Market development strategy
Sales strategy
How to develop and lead an effective sales team
How to build a service organization
Opportunity assessment and evaluation
Business model evaluation
Strategy evaluation, development and implementation
Financial budgeting and evaluation
HR strategy
Hiring and recruiting strategy
Recruiting and hiring
People development
Executive and management coaching and counseling
Leadership training
Leadership team assessment
How to enter international markets
International market and sales strategy
Cost evaluation
Profit and loss analysis
Management consulting

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